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“I live and work in Basel (CH) and Hegenheim (F). After my studies
in fine arts at the University of the Arts Berlin, the Konstfack
Stockholm and the Royal institute of art Sweden I worked and lived
as Nisrek Varhonja nine years in Cologne (D), before I moved to
Switzerland because of love. In 2021 I completed my studies at the
Institute of gender and nature and art, Basel with a Master of fine

I work with drawing, painting, sculpture and performance. I am
interested in the interplay of different media and the spaces that
open up "in between". My work is existential. It is the
transformations that I accompany in my different work processes that
challenge and inspire me again and again. Step by step, work cycle
by work cycle.

The further I get in my work the clearer and simpler my works
become. The reduction to the essential, the basic, be it a line, a
gesture, one of the primary colors or simple geometric shapes. The
"empty" space becomes more and more important for my work.”


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