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Ground Control.


1,5 kg potatoes, grown at Lavangsnes Wunderkammer sculpture park

in a paper bag with an original linol cut print by artist Paul Pretzer.

Delivered with frame.

During his residency at Lavangsnes Wunderkammer, where art
and agriculture merge into a unique symbiotic experience, Paul
Pretzer and his hosts Selma Köchling and Vidar Laksfors were
thinking of how to make this symbiosis even stronger and how
to involve the local community into this process and make art
part of their lives.

The result is this limited edition linocut printed on a paper bag
that is the packaging for potatoes that are grown and sold at
Lavangsnes Wunderkammer.

This way upcoming (or established) art enthusiasts can buy
organic potatoes and later on frame the paper bag and enjoy it
as a piece of art on their walls!

The motive shows a potato shaped head under a big moon
resting on the ground. A bird sits on top of it and its size
suggests that the head is of big proportions. Was the head of
the giant cut off or is it growing out of the ground? Both seem
possible and as the face is gently smiling a peaceful
interpretation seems more likely. The title “Ground Control” also
echoes the agricultural activity at Lavangsnes Wunderkammer
and thereby this paper bag contains much more than just

It’s a great example of how art can become part of everyday
life. The price is very accessible and makes it affordable to a
big audience. All the money goes to the residency and helps
supporting this exceptional project!

The Edition is 70, all bags are numbered, titled and signed by
Selma Köchling on behalf of Paul Pretzer as he unfortunately
couldn’t go back to Lavangsnes just for the signature.
The bag comes with a frame at a price of 1250,- NOK.

Additional Shipping costs may vary.
Please note that due to international shipping terms potatoes
can’t be shipped outside of Norway – they will be replaced with
Norwegian potato crisps instead.

Ground Control (2022)

kr 1 250,00Pris
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